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What the Reference Practice says

The reference practice has been developed by UNI in collaboration with A.I.W.P. in order to define the requirements of wedding planning and destination wedding planning services in terms of process phases. The practice also describes the professional requirements of wedding and destination wedding planners based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Since 2013, following Law 4: 2013, there have been several attempts at professionalising the wedding planner job profile on the market. After this proposal on the part of numerous associations, Clara Trama, President of A.I.W.P., is today the author of a UNI practice with the aim of certifying the job profile, including the development of a defined, high-quality training process.

Today, the practice is the only official reference on the market that allows anyone, be they an association or an operator in the sector, to certify the service and/or the job profile. Interested parties need only refer to the practice developed by A.I.W.P.

In order to protect consumers – clients seeking certified and recognised professionals in the field – A.I.W.P. relies on a third certification body, Intertek Italia (Accredia-accredited), for the qualification and recognition of the courses and to certify professionals, guaranteeing their market value.

Today, the market requires the regulation of professions to protect clients. For this purpose, Clara Trama and the A.I.W.P. aim at the enhancement of qualified wedding planners through ad hoc, high-quality training courses and professional certification by third-party organisations.

Intertek l’Ente accreditato ISO 17024
per certificare i professionisti