The italian Wedding Planner association

THE ITALIAN WEDDING PLANNER ASSOCIATION, in short “A.I.W.P.”, deals with enhancing the professional stature of the wedding planner and destination wedding planner. This will help to encourage the foundation of new enterprises, including new job opportunities, and to boost the profile of this profession and the skills of anyone dedicated to organising weddings and events.

It will also promote a spirit of mutual collaboration and cooperation in civil society and among entrepreneurs to better exploit human, economic and entrepreneurial resources in the sector. All professional wedding planners will be able to join the Italian Wedding Planner Association by demonstrating that they possess and command the necessary professional skills, such as negotiating with clients and suppliers, the ability to allocate project development budgets, the ability to perform marketing, economic and financial tasks, offering professional advice to provide clients with financial guidance and assistance. It is also important to be able to negotiate with service providers and venue owners.

AIWP is an Intertek Italia examination centre.