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Finding a professional able to organise a wedding is a need that has grown exponentially since 2008. Many operators of dubious professional ability have appeared on the market, defining themselves as wedding planners or wedding destination planners.

The inauguration of a variety of courses has filled the training gap created by an unexpected explosion in demand from wedding planners, and has led to an ever-increasing interest in the field.

Italy has seen an increase of 4.6% in marriages between 2015 and 2016, including activities and business related to weddings. In other words, there are about 83,000 companies active in the sector in Italy, ranging from party and ceremony organisers (wedding planners), tailoring and sale of wedding and formal wear, wedding favours, flowers, photo shoots, events catering and dating agencies, with a turnover amounting to around 15 billion euro nationally and an annual growth in the “wedding” sector of 2%.

Today, weddings are worth over 450 million euro in Italy, with approx. 1,600 professionals in the sector and an industry that counts almost 56,000 businesses! The number of weddings between foreign couples in Italy (especially from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, the United States and Australia) continues to grow significantly.

The desire to marry and then stay in Italy seems to be spreading throughout a variety of countries. The United States is in the lead, with a market share of 49% (and an average expenditure per event in excess of 59,000 euro). The United Kingdom (21%), Australia (9%) and Germany (5%) are close behind, and emerging countries such as Russia, India, Japan and China are also showing promise.

Destination wedding planners are increasingly in demand to provide detailed, in-depth knowledge of the field and of the specific administrative and bureaucratic requirements.

10 years later, supply and demand have been consolidated, and the usefulness of this job profile has gained recognition. A.I.W.P. now considers it necessary and appropriate to develop guidelines for the wedding planner and destination wedding planner profession, for best practices to be observed in the provision of the service and the identification of training courses to support professional qualification, in order to enhance this ‘new’ job profile as well as guarantee consumers a competent, qualified and certified professional service.

Three points that make
a Wedding Planner
a professional



The wedding planner knows and selects suppliers, understands the client’s needs and guarantees the success of the event.


The wedding planner coordinates clients’ services, gathers all necessary information, prepares cost estimates for events and defines the activities required to realise the entire project.


The wedding planner negotiates with clients and suppliers, allocates the budget, does not neglect marketing and offers professional advice, from planning to the realisation of the event, in line with the clients’ financial expectations.

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